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EcoGreen living is the concept of making real estate more environmentally friendly.

There are many paths that can be followed to help bring this about to the majority of the markets, not just in this country, but in the whole world.

A big way this can happen is through the construction of green homes and buildings. These "green homes" come equipped with the latest ideas and technologies for the purpose of saving you money and energy; and that in turn, saves the environment. Learn how to save time and money when "greening" your properties, by visiting our blog posting.

Here are just a few things that go into green homes:

  • Insulated exterior doors and attic spaces save energy and increase comfort
  • Low-E windows lower cold spots, save energy bills
  • Fiber-cement siding and other finishes raise durability and lower re-painting
  • Wall systems with advanced air sealing and barriers reduce moisture problems
  • Rain downspouts pouring several feet away from the house decrease foundation problems
  • Controlled irrigation systems for the lawn reduce waste

Along with green homes and buildings, there are other possibilities to relieve energy consumption and waste. For example, the EcoBroker program was designed to help people learn how to increase energy efficiency and promote sustainable designs in the real estate industry and to help real estate agents better communicate the green features of homes to both buyer and seller customers. Some topics that go into "Greening your properties" include efficiency, solar energy, environmental effects, heating and cooling methods, building materials, ways to save on "greening" your home, and even financial options.

For more helpful information on Eco Broker, Built Green, and the latest Environmental News click the links below.

Today's Enviornmental News
Building Green

As a leading expert in real estate green initiatives and education, Karen Storey has long been known for her knowledge and passion for helping her clients learn about reducing the environmental impact of our daily lives.

Karen's expertise was even called upon by the National Association of REALTORS® as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) panel member that developed the information for the Real Estate courses for its new Green Designation. If you are interested in having Karen speak to your organization about green living, green construction, ways to green your home and much more, please contact Karen today!

 Why Go Green? 
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